Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

IMG_7650 (1)My interview with Art of the Song (recorded in Albuquerque back in October) airs on radio stations nationally this week! In this full-hour show, inquiring minds can find out why….

  1. I’m throwing imaginary bricks at people in Nashville
  2. I’m sketching wads of gum at the bus stop in San Francisco
  3. I’m seeking over-caffeinated artists at 8 o’clock in the morning

You may think I like the sound of my own voice. Yes and no. I like hearing my voice when it best conveys my true self, whether singing or speaking. Yet I cringe at the vulnerable spots – I’m not Supergirl. Sometimes my voice cracks, I sound insecure or I say the wrong thing.

I suppose those moments are as true as any other. I may make a joke (or sing a note) that falls flat. Maybe you – as a friend or a stranger – will love me more for that vulnerability. Or not. I create, I communicate. Perhaps I make something that helps you feel the light.

Isn’t that why we share? I’ll bring you a cup of sugar. Or some extra veggies from the garden. Make something. Show me what you’ve got.

ArtOfSong (1)Right now, I’ve got this: a wonderful gift from the folks at Art of the Song and The Standing “O” Project, showing me an interpretation of my true self. My stories, my songs (new and old) remind me of all the people who have supported me on this creativity journey. Thanks for helping me communicate.

Hope you’ll carve out some time to listen – while chopping vegetables, sitting by the fire or dancing around the room. Here’s how:



Giving Gratitude for a Great Year!

DSC_0011_fhdrMay your days be merry and bright. Sending love,signature

Need a gift? Buy music on CD Baby and iTunes. Autographed CDs and art books available – just give me a shout!

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