The Eve of Something Big

Last year I dazzled you with Lazy Susan Tuesday (just ever-so-slightly missing the mark of Black Friday boisterousness); this year I thought I’d head in the opposite direction by “eve-oking” the holiday spirit way earlier than usual.

Indiegogo campaign ends November 15

Indiegogo campaign ends November 15

My motivation? Captivation before the onslaught of end-of-year over-promotions. (Man, that’s a lot of hyphens.) And a deadline that hits in 3 days. Yes, in only 3 days the Easy Peezy Pee Test campaign comes to a close.  Remember the song I was asked to write to heighten awareness about pediatric OSA (obstructive sleep apnea)? Well, the Easy Peezy video has garnered 13,286 hits so far on YouTube! Please show your support for this cause (and my song) by donating to fund their research and testing. If everyone who watched the video gave just $5, they’d reach their $100,000 goal. A small amount DOES make a difference.

To put you in the giving spirit, here’s a video with slightly less hits (as I just posted it last week). Be among the first to help me sing along and test your memory in the reindeer names game. I’ve got my head up in the clouds while Steven is doing his best to help me in this rarefied Rudolph rendition.  It gets off to a sputtering start, but then oh, how it flies!

Ok, that’s my gift to you. Maybe it’s early enough that you won’t curse me for putting that song in your head. Though 2014 may soon be pitter-pattering away on Prancer and Dancer feet, I’m excited for what’s ahead. New adventures, new songs, and a new music/art project with my friends at PeaceTones charity.

IMG_0089I love it when I can work on something that feels bigger than myself, making music that reaches people in so many different ways. I’ll stay tuned if you will! Deal?

$5 off all Eve products now through the end of the year.

Easy Peezy here, there, everywhere!

The long-awaited day has finally arrived: my Easy Peezy song is out there in the universe! I was asked to write this song to bring attention to Pediatric OSA – Obstructive Sleep Apnea, that is. I learned that an estimated 2 million kids in the US have this condition, though it is often mistakenly diagnosed as ADD.

So all that stuff had to go in the song, in addition to singing about a urine test that would replace the need for hooking kids up to a bunch of wires in a sleep lab. This was definitely the most challenging songwriting assignment I have ever had. I scratched my head, danced around on one foot, and came up with a tidal wave of pee puns!

I enlisted Steven Strauss to play ukulele and Daniel Dennis (Prime Cut Studio) to provide the rest of the instrumentation and produce the track. I’m absolutely tickled pink with the outcome. This brilliant marketing campaign features an animated music video that brings to life the “Easy Peezy Pee Test.” Be one of the first to hear the song by clicking the video link below:

Do me a favor and support this song by heading over to the Easy Peezy site and learning more about this worthy project. Spread the word, buy the song on iTunes, dance with the “Peezies” and come back to donate when they open up their Indiegogo campaign on September 16. EZPZ_Poster_BikeThey are raising money to get the pee test approved and available nationwide. I wish them rip-roaring success and hope the song dances it’s way into thousands of heads: Let’s Make It Easy Peezy – let it be!

Now for those of you who are local here in the Bay Area, I have a show this Friday night at The Monkey House Theater in Berkeley. Steven Strauss and his mighty uke will accompany me on some jazz songs and Eve originals – heck, I might even break into Easy Peezy if I get a request from the audience!

Friends of Old Puppy (Steven’s East Bay band) will also be joining us on stage.  We will be performing this next tune for sure – a humorous take on a classic Wizard of Oz song – shown here with the SJC big band orchestra last month in New Mexico.

Stay playful, my friends! Urine my thoughts and in my heart!

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