In the Mood for Giving

imageI’m grateful for this memory of last month’s concert – how great it feels to give! We helped raise several hundred dollars for PeaceTones, a nonprofit that supports musicians around the globe:

“We see ourselves as a fair trade music movement, empowering unknown musicians in developing nations with marketing and legal knowledge and access to online platforms to share their music globally. Using innovative learning and incentive models, we conduct expert-led workshops to educate these artists on their rights and tools to grow their careers.”

Stay tuned for more collaborations with PeaceTones coming soon!

Support the Little Guy


(namely this little guy…er…gal)

Give a truly unique gift by steering clear of the masses this year. Supporting independent artists and merchants makes you a Holiday Hero!


Jingle on down to Eve the Elf’s $5 Madness Sale - now through the end of the year! Boom!


Eve with Steven Strauss at Grace Cathedral

Speaking of truly unique gifts, I was given the chance to perform my original Christmas song, Peace on Earth, at Grace Cathedral again this year. What a San Francisco treat!

And I’m thrilled to perform some of my songs with original paintings at the Holiday Salon this weekend. If you are interested in this event, please email me for details.

FS in SF

FS in SF

Finally, my niece – who says her Aunt Eve is “kinda famous” – sent me a new friend last week. He’s kinda famous himself! We had a mad shopping spree down at Union Square. Anybody else got a Flat Stanley story out there? Do tell!

A bonus San Francisco treat: check out my latest Alice and the Rabbit Hole post on my Top 5 favorite SF gift items. May it inspire you to buy local and SUPPORT THE LITTLE GUY!

The Eve of Something Big

Indiegogo campaign ends November 15

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Easy Peezy here, there, everywhere!


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Summer Flow

Summer Orchestra NM

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May Flowers


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