Summer Flow

I’m excited to share some very unique opportunities that have come my way recently. But first a warning: this content may contain several references to bodily functions. Read on, if you dare!

I was recently commissioned to write a song about pee. That’s right, pee. Those of you who know my children’s songs will not be surprised by this. My new song will be part of a fundraising campaign for a urine test that detects obstructive sleep apnea (and yes, I had to sing “obstructive sleep apnea” in the song). Believe it or not, the tune is quite catchy. Stay tuned for the animated video of Easy Peezy, appearing next month. Urine for a treat! (Puns, I love puns.)

Ah, now where were we? Oh yes, opportunities! I was also asked to make a video of the Gershwin tune, The Man I Love. Steven Strauss and I enjoyed performing in our favorite outdoor spot. Enjoy this intimate live rendition, as if you were strolling through the park on a sunny day, waiting for the one you love.


Summer Orchestra NMSpeaking of Gershwin, I’ll be crooning Summertime along with new original material at my City Light show with the SJC Summer Orchestra. This is my second time performing with a big band and I couldn’t be more excited. Dr. Keith Cochrane arranged all of my songs for orchestra and will conduct the show this coming Tuesday, July 29 at San Juan College in Farmington, New Mexico. Stay tuned for videos from that as well!

And finally I’m launching a new blog site under a secret name. You guys are hearing this first. It’s all about what the super diva does when she’s not onstage. So if you have no interest in reading about my armpits, please do NOT click here. Though it would be a shame to miss the featured new video of the classic Eve & Mare song, I Smell.  If you do end up delving into Alice and the Rabbit Hole, I’d love to hear what you think! Follow me, leave a comment. Tell me about your armpits….

That’s all for now, folks. Hope you’re experiencing lots of “flow” this summer, too!


May Flowers

photoThe month of April showered me with many gifts, and I’m curious to see what grows out of it. For one, a budding friendship with brilliant pianist Jacob Fjeldheim, who accompanied me on two back-to-back shows during my recent trip to Florida. The first was an intimate venue featuring my City Light show, with original songs and art images.

The following night, we had great fun performing jazz standards at the swanky Stop Children’s Cancer Fantasy Event.  Check out this snippet of Jacob and me during soundcheck, just before the soirée began.

I find that I have just as much fun with the background gigs as I do with the foreground ones. I love being able to set the tone and create a festive atmosphere as people are mingling and munching on fancy hors d’oeuvres. And I love to think that maybe I’m helping to put everyone in a more giving mood. Plus I get to play dress up!

Cottage RowWhile in Florida, I heard that my song City Light was featured in the April issue of The New Fillmore, a local newspaper back here in San Francisco. The online version even includes the video where Steven Strauss and I take a field trip to Cottage Row to sing to the redwood trees. The trees are gone now, but the song lives on. Click image to read the full story.

So now that I’m famous in the ‘hood, who knows what’s in store? Maybe Steven and I will continue our parks tour, singing to all the trees we can find. Here we are with the wind and wild parrots keeping time.

Have a fruitful summer, my friends!

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