Today a bird of brilliant blue chirped hello to me in the back garden.

Western Bluebird

A new bird to me, one that I look forward to getting to know. It reminded me it’s time to share a song that’s been flitting around in my head lately. It’s called “Leavin’ Tennessee.”

So it’s true, I’ve recently moved away from Music City – a move that caught me by surprise. My husband Mark got offered a job in San Francisco, and within a couple of weeks he was already gone. Even though I stayed behind another month, everything seemed to happen at lightning speed – we sold our house, found an apartment in the city and said our goodbyes.

In my heart, I haven’t quite left yet. Sometimes I still feel disoriented in this new place and wonder when I’ll be going back home. When I first found out we were moving, I was immensely sad to leave Nashville – a city where I’ve been able to stretch my wings as a musician and cultivate an identity for myself and my work.

I’m past the sad phase now. Too busy with unpacking and the never-ending chores of settling in. I’m also excited about the mystery of what lies ahead – opportunities for work, the people I’ll meet.

But I do remember those first pangs of letting go, when I sat down at the piano and meandered my way through a new song. Here’s a live recording of Leavin’ Tennessee from that moment in time. It’s unpolished and tentative; some of the words are hard to hear, but the emotion and sentiment are definitely clear.

No doubt I’ll be flying back and forth, continuing to share my music. Just like these fine feathered friends that comfort me, wherever I may be.

Leavin’ Tennessee by Eve Fleishman 2011 (read lyrics below; click link above to hear song)

No more fireflies and chickadees
What’s the new bird, blue bird talk to me
Will you come by my window
and say hello

I’m leavin’ Tennessee
and I’m not sure what that means for me
I know it’s time to go
Forgive me if I’m slow
in leavin’ Tennessee

I’m leavin’ Tennessee
with seven years of memories
From summer sun to snow
the cadence and the flow
will stay inside of me

One more night at the Ryman
and I’ll close my eyes and
be on that stage
Take a walk through the park
See the Parthenon at dark
a ghostly haze

And leavin’ Tennessee,
I wonder what’s ahead of me
To friends I leave behind
you’re in my heart and mind
you’ll always be with me

Should I write a haiku
to the Pretty Moon
to follow me once more
down this lonesome corridor
yes, I’ve been here before

And I’m sure tomorrow brings
a beautiful surprise for me
I know I’ll be alright
just give me this night
to mourn

’cause I’m leavin’
yeah I’m leavin’