Each week my new friend Steven and I have been getting together, pulling songs out of a hat and seeing how well we can pull them off. I have been calling these sessions, Busking in the Living Room. We keep waiting for coins to start raining in from my third story window overlooking California Street here in San Francisco. So far only car horns punctuate our rhythms and melodies.

Steven Strauss plays a mean ukulele; I’m really liking how the sound of that instrument blends with my voice. I’ve been recording some of our efforts, and enjoy reliving the adventurous meanderings through our favorite jazz standards. Sure, there are flubs – but there’s also this sense of intimacy and lightheartedness that often gets lost when you’re trying to entertain a crowd.

It’s a sad fact that most of us performers care too much what people think and too carefully cradle our fragile egos, robbing ourselves and listeners of our best unbridled performances. This is always my goal when I sing in public – to let go and be free with my voice – to act as if no one is listening. That is singing for the pure joy of it.

So I have posted some of these songs for you, warts and all. I hope the intimacy and warmth of the music makes up for any snags you might hear along the way. Just close your eyes and imagine you’re here in the living room with Eve ‘n’ Steven!