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Peace or Drama

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“Listening to Peace or Drama makes you feel like you’re sitting in a plush booth in some smoky old jazz club with a glass of red wine soaking in the sounds of a long bygone era. From the opening bars and brushes of ‘Pretty Moon’ to the sultry sounds of ‘Linger’ and the sweetly playful ‘I Know,’ Eve has assembled a finely crafted collection of songs that fill the air with heartache, heartbreak and love.” – John Tumminello, Music City Unsigned

“With a solid lineup of self-penned and well-seasoned songs, Eve captures both the serenity of Norah Jones and the swagger of Erykah Badu. Her vocals are fun and lighthearted on ‘I Know,’ soft and delicate on ‘Wounded by You,’ and packed with plenty of ‘tude on the title track, ‘Peace or Drama.’ This album is a joy to listen to, and with the stellar musicians creating some serious magic, this is one album that you must own.” – Daniel Dennis, Prime Cut Records

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