Hometown Bound

eve_alleyway1_boI was born in North Carolina (which inspired my song, Carolina Girl). But those who know me well can attest that I am first and foremost a Florida Girl. That’s why I’m so excited to head to my hometown of Gainesville, Florida¬†for a lightening round of shows. Yippee!

So bring me a warm welcome, Florida fans! You can find a list of all my FL shows here, but your best bet is the Friday night house concert on May 8. This will be the most intimate setting, where I get to do my storytelling thing with the music. I’ve got a whole new list of songs and stories that I’m dying to share with you – including my own Carolina Girl and Al Green‘s gem, Let’s Stay Together. Heck, we may even conjure up the ghost of Blossom Dearie (extra points if you recognize that name and voice).

For those who aren’t in the Sunshine State, I offer you a little sunshine right here:


And don’t you fret – I’ll be doing another worldwide Concert Window online concert soon! The first one was waaaaay too fun!