TBT, Hump-Day-Slump, and What’s Eve Doing Now?

IMG_5756On this Throwback Thursday, I’m reminded of when I was 16 – hanging out with my best friends in the park, discussing what my future album titles would be called. One of them was, “What’s Eve Doing Now?” A very apt title for today’s post!

Giving in to peer pressure (much like a teenager), I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon of Concert Window. Oh, how much fun! We did a trial run this week with two long-distance audience members (thanks, Mom and Dad), who were able to send us messages throughout the show.

If you haven’t enjoyed the Concert Window experience yet, you’re in for a treat. It’s a live online concert; all you have to do is sign in and “pay what you want.”  It’s like a house concert, from my living room to yours. Steven and I get together and play on Wednesday, so why not let you all in on the act? Here’s what it looks like:


Wouldn’t you love to have live, fresh music delivered straight to your door? For 30 minutes on a Wednesday night: a little Perk-Me-Up to get through the Hump-Day-Slump. Sounds great, huh? That’s what Mom and Dad said! 🙂

So with my parents’ endorsement, I’m inviting you all over to my house on Wednesday, March 25 for party time, excellent! It begins promptly at 5:30 pm Pacific/8:30 pm Eastern – if you sign on late you will miss it!  I highly recommend buying tickets in advance so you’ll be ready to join in at show time. Here’s the link to reserve your spot:


Anyone, anywhere can listen (that goes for you, my Egyptian fans who like to stay up til 3 am). It’ll be a half hour of pure delight; remember you can type in comments and song favorites as we perform. Maybe someone will request Sweet Sixteen (the Billy Idol version, of course).

Can’t wait to see you on the 25th!