City Light CoverI’m proud to announce City Light, a new show with new songs (as well as some oldies but goodies). It’s kinda like the sequel to my Peace or Drama show – replete with stories and images to evoke wonder and stir memories.

I recently flew to North Carolina to perform this show at the Storytelling & Arts Center of the Southeast, in a small town close to where my mother grew up. I’ve been thinking a lot about “place” lately – most of my new songs are about places or states of mind. It’s been well over a year since my big move from Nashville to San Francisco, and things are starting to make sense for me here. Yes, I’m beginning to embrace this place (sounds like a good song title to me)!

In honor of my latest musical endeavors, I’ve put out a City Light EP with three brand new songs. Featuring Steven Strauss (a San Francisco native) on ukulele, these songs capture my longing to find a sense of place in the big city. With new friends like Steven, things are looking and sounding good!

This CD is currently available through my shows or my website only.  Click the pink rainbow image above to purchase. Or if you haven’t visited me yet, come buy a CD at one of my upcoming shows!

On October 4th, I’ll be performing at the Red Poppy Art House in San Francisco. For you locals, this is a show you won’t want to miss! Come by and say hello. I also have a couple more October dates in the Bay Area with my old friend from Nashville days, Joe Rathbone. Can’t wait to perform with him again. Click on Events for details.

And finally, I’ve become a Featured Musician at Standing “O” Project and I’m inviting you to join me in this very cool, grassroots effort to ignite the singer-songwriter and fan community like never before. Take the short Video Tour and see yours truly featured for several seconds!

Well, my 15 seconds of fame are up. Time to get back to work. But I’ll be thinking about you, wherever you are. To quote a line from my song, City Light: “Won’t you come a little closer, friend? Let me feel your light tonight….”