I Did It My Way

To Think I Did All That: Hear me feeling “My Way” with dear friend, Steven Strauss

Where has all the time gone? This year marks the 15th anniversary of Peace or Drama, my first solo album.

Dear Eve of 15 years ago, what is this fascination with sofas and rocks? That dress from the cover shot – vintage 60’s midnight blue wool and sequins – had me channeling Ginger from Gilligan’s Island.

Photography, like music, has the magic to bring you back to a certain time and place. Thanks to computer updates over the years, I thought these photos were lost. I found the orginal CD-R but had no way to play it. Mark fished out an old laptop that still had a CD drive, and voilá! It all came back.

Let me set the stage: It was a chilly day in Nashville and I arrived at Merridian furniture store in the early hours before they opened shop. 

We lingered in a living room window display. By luck, the artsy backdrop graced me with a fabulous flower halo. The beauty of my surroundings made me feel glamorous, even though my self-applied makeup was a rush job and my first (and only) attempt at false eyelashes was an epic fail. 😫

One lash set, half-unglued, waved like a spindly spider above my eye. No matter, that ridiculousness dispelled my nervous energy. It helped that the photographer was my cousin; Josh has a great eye and never fails to make me laugh. 

After a few different takes, we headed to the botanical gardens at Cheekwood and then ended up at the warehouse ruins around Nashville Jazz Workshop. All of these places were special to me.

Who do I think I am?

I am a writer, a musician, a teacher, a guide. I am also simply me, without any labels, just as you are you.

I am a fan of looking back, looking forward, as well as seeing what’s right in front of me. A reflection of self is not vain, it’s a form of connection. Look at Frida Kahlo’s adornment and haunting self-portraiture, as well as her role as a muse for many photographers.

Lucky 13

It took me a long time to own my creative expression, to fully accept Diva Eve. I considered myself lucky with those 13 original songs. A year later I was touring with 13 original paintings, each made by a different artist, inspired by my songs. I did it my way, but I certainly wasn’t alone.

It helps to have creative friends – after all, it’s just “play.” I am forever grateful for the many people who teamed up to put my music out there in the world; my dream come true. I can see it in my face, that creative force we all share. I’ll celebrate this previous me, who is still me with added layers. I’ll be inspired by the milestone and continue to carve out time for play. Thank you, Diva Eve of 2009! 😘

Excerpt from Peace or Drama:

Our path is not a straight one, you will see
It circles round like years on a tree
And if you get the chance to cut into me
Look for the rings of you

Here’s a cut of my own favorite pics from the photo shoot, most of which have never seen the light of day. I’m drawn to the quiet wistful stares (like a secret) or the laughing/silly smiles that remind me of my true self. Almost lost, but not forgotten, I am ready to let them shine.

Full-length shot of the Ginger dress
Cousin Josh captures a yawn at the end of our long day