Van Gogh Heard

Wendy and Eve with Van Gogh Heard

Each week I will feature one song and accompanying painting from my project, Peace or Drama, A Journey Through Music And Art.

In the spotlight this week is Van Gogh Heard.

I’m excited to talk about Van Gogh this week because I have a show coming up on Saturday and the artist who interpreted this song will be there: Wendy Bull Oakley.

Van Gogh Heard is about listening to that inner pulse that allows your brilliance to shine. I’m thankful that these artists listened to my songs and came up with images that are so unique and powerful.

Wendy Bull Oakley, Winston-Salem NC

“Van Gogh heard dying sunflowers in yellow mustard hues
Van Gogh heard storms of swirls and curls and echoes in the sky
Van Gogh heard empty cafe tables beneath a starry night
Won’t you tell me, do you hear what Van Gogh heard?
Do you hear what Van Gogh heard?”

(chorus from Van Gogh Heard)

Song by Eve Fleishman/Joseph S. Smith. Image by Wendy Bull Oakley. Read more about Van Gogh Heard in the exhibition book. You can also bid on the painting, with proceeds to benefit PeaceTones.

Here’s a video from one of my recent shows:

Van Gogh Heard at Simon Ripley’s Music and Art