What Have I Done?

Each week I will feature one song and accompanying painting from my project, Peace or Drama, A Journey Through Music And Art.

In the spotlight this week is What Have I Done.

Working from home is hard. I don’t see anyone, I have to resist distractions, and I feel super-accountable about how I use my time. In the end, I know I probably get more work done than in an office environment (where co-worker distractions abound). Yet still I feel guilty.

Beating myself up on a daily basis is probably my biggest sin. It’s ok to self-motivate, but it’s also ok to relax sometimes – if only I knew how. Yep, I’m one of THOSE types. And my yoga students think I’m so chill!

This song is about guilt, regret. It reminds me of those moments when the day is slipping by too fast. Glad there are industrious days of triumph (and yes, accepted indulgence) to balance things out!


“Oh, what have I done?
It’s barely half past one
Forgive me for my sins today
When I rose from bed
I had it in my head
That it would all go down this way”

(verse from What Have I Done)


Song by Eve Fleishman. Image by Bob Richey (Warminster, PA). Read more about What Have I Done in the exhibition book. You can also bid on the painting, with proceeds to benefit PeaceTones.

Here’s a video from one of my recent shows:

Eve sings What Have I Done