Wanderlust, it’s there or bust

How did I get here? A memory of my first inklings that led me to the Algarve.

Wanderlust, it’s there or bust
I can’t stay still it seems
But when I dream
I’m with you

Lyrics from my song Carolina Girl

I was born in North Carolina, raised in Florida, and have lived all over the US since marrying my college sweetheart, Mark Fleishman. We both had wanderlust from the get-go.

Diva shot at Fat Angel, where it all began

Back in 2018 we were hanging out at Fat Angel, our favorite neighborhood haunt in San Francisco. Dismayed by the high housing costs in SF, Mark said, “We should buy a place overseas.” I whipped out my phone and Googled best places to buy and this is what came up:

Sold! 🤩 I booked a last-minute solo scouting trip and headed to Portugal for the very first time. Spent a few days looking in Lisbon, then rented a car and drove south. On my last night, I landed in a small town called Tavira and I just knew this was the place.

The octopus and the moment I knew

Later I returned with Mark, and by lucky stars we were on the show House Hunters International. Here we are back at the same restaurant during the film shoot – our neighborhood favorite, Nó de Gosto.

All this time, I was performing shows and teaching classes back in SF, sharing about my PT adventures. People kept asking, “When are you taking us to Portugal?”

And that, my friends, is how the seed was planted for a retreat in the Algarve. 

I truly love sharing this place and its magical vibes. I want YOU to experience it too – wanderlust is contagious!

Learn more about the Portugal retreat at www.EveFleishman.com/retreat 🦩🌍🐙