Gilding the Lily and Loving It

PM video screenshotPre-order for my new album, Atmospheric Epic, now on PledgeMusic!

Pink video 1Riding the wave of a “viral” post on Facebook, I’m encouraged by the 33,000 strangers who watched my video. If only I could lead them to my new album! I rely on you, my true fans, to help me get the word out. Your pre-order makes all the difference.

Where am I exactly? After chasing jazz ghosts in NYC, I flew to Nashville to begin recording with a stellar cast of jazz musicians who are very much alive and kicking. Under the helm of trusted friend and producer, Daniel Dennis at Prime Cut Studio (Peace or Drama), we carved our way through these new songs. “Your sound has matured,” he said. I agree.

Back in San Francisco, I recorded the amazing Steven Strauss on ukulele and am still working out some of the vocal parts. Though there is plenty left to do, this cross-country endeavor is well underway – my own American epic poem. And I cannot wait for you to hear it!

goldcriesandsilverdustsThis PledgeMusic launch allows me to bring it to you first. All pledgers receive a digital download of the new album (once released) and the AccessPass – updates about the album’s progress, personal song demos, videos and more. You can also buy special items, like a signed copy of the CD, a spot for your name in the liner notes, even fine artwork from my Peace or Drama project signed/numbered by Hilary Williams.

Did I mention Hilary Williams has agreed to do the cover art for the new album? Whaaaat? Ack, I am so excited!!! Can you tell?

Pre-order creates an early buzz and increases shares about my album. Because of you, I get to bring this new music to life. Thank you for being my world!