Be gone, Phantom and Leatherface! It’s November!

No big party for me this past weekend. No elaborate costume planned. Yet I did get into the spirit of things, in my own way.

I watched the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre for the very first time. At home, in my pjs. I’m not a big fan of the horror genre, but I did appreciate its creative creepiness and absurdity. And the 70’s flashback!

Image 1On All Hallow’s Eve, this Eve donned cat ears and went to Grace Cathedral to watch the original Phantom of the Opera (1925 silent film) with live organ music. What a thrill to take in those ghostly-dark gothic arches above the screen and the maniacal organist lit up below.

I did see some similarities between these two movies: a whole lot of chasing for one. And masks. Depravity, isolation, loneliness. Creepy shadows – light and dark. Like this image I caught of myself that same morning. Hello Creepy Cat Lady!

Image 2Sometimes I do like to stay in with the cats. Nothing wrong with that. Especially as the weather changes, there’s more tendency to want to hibernate. Yet I want the social connection, too. How about you, want to get social with me?

No need to go out. Stay in and let me serenade you on a cozy fall night. Next Wednesday, you’re officially invited to Eve and Steven’s last Concert Window concert of the year. We bring the warm feelies.

Yes, it feels good to take a quick break from all the mid-week busyness. The “Hump-Day-Slump” concert is only 30 minutes. Instead of idly surfing the Net, land on my Concert Window page and interact with us during the show. Send messages while we perform, stump us with song requests. We’re game! It looks like this:


We’re gaining momentum and we hope to grab an even larger number of watchers this time. So join us! We need you! Let’s make this a party – bob some apples, dance around in your underwear, play your air uke, we don’t care – just be there! (And by there, we mean your living room, kitchen, parked car under the stars….) As long as you have a computer or mobile device, you can watch from anywhere. Even from a lonely Texas town or the catacombs beneath the Paris Opera.

Hibernate, but don’t deprive yourself of fun! Be gone, Phantom and Leatherface! It’s November and we’ve got some singing to do.

Eve and Steven live at Concert Window
Wednesday, November 11th
8:30 pm Eastern/5:30 pm Pacific
Pay What You Want
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