Salt of the Earth

I’m back in the land of salt. Our apartment in Portugal stares out at the ocean as well as the salt pans. Portuguese flor de sal (fleur de sel in French) means “flower of salt,” which rises to the pan’s surface forming a crust.

Of course, even without the crust, the salt is divine! Just ask our retreat participants, who experienced the salt soak (and mud) of Salino, an outdoor spa near the border of Spain. Deets for the upcoming 2023 retreat below.

Portugal retreat 2023:

May 27 – June 3

More salt history in our Seasons and Chakras yoga meditation this Friday. We are now in the season of the first chakra = FOUNDATION – RED – EARTH. 

Teaching from Portugal on Zoom. Click here for full schedule.

Here are your February incentives:

Portugal retreat May/June – Sign up by Valentine’s Day and get $200 off.❤️ Invite a friend and double the fun (and save by sharing a room). 

Open house this Friday – Come to class FREE (first time participants) or regulars bring a friend and you both come FREE!

Learn more about Portugal retreat 2023 at 🦩🌍🐙