Wish List for 2023

Happy almost Christmas Eve Eve!

(I get this joke a lot, so I thought I’d share 😘)

What have YOU be up to? For me, the usual – teaching, singing, dancing, scheming….

Eve sings festive tunes with Hajime Yoshida trio in NYC

While you enjoy those sugar plum fairies, I want to plant a seed:

How about Portugal in 2023?

Coast of southern Portugal

I am close to nailing down dates for retreats in late spring/early summer/fall. You still have time to send me your druthers – maybe the perfect time for You will be the perfect time for All! 🤞

“Even weeks after being home, friends commented that I seemed ‘really refreshed.’ That’s a testament to you and our fabulous trip to Portugal!”

Sharon, retreat guest

Happy holidays wherever you may be! Here’s to many new adventures in 2023.

Wish list at www.EveFleishman.com/retreat 🦩🌍🐙