Sending out an SOS

The year is 1990. I‘m a 20-year-old college student. A fellow member of the FSU Jazz-Pop Ensemble asks me to sing a song in his rock band’s upcoming gig. I spend weeks practicing but it is not meant to be – a few days before the show I get waylaid by the flu. The band guy suspects I‘m flaking – he has no idea how badly I want to be on that stage. I always think of this song as the one that got away: Message in a Bottle….

A couple of weeks ago, I turned 50. How can it be? What a year of reflection with this big birthday. In 2020 the highs and lows seem more extreme. The world is upside down and me with it. New place, new circumstances, new decade. I am officially mid-century modern, as evidenced by these birthday pics below. 

Sometimes I don’t have much energy to create. As an introvert, you’d think I’d be thriving with all this alone time. But even introverts need connection. I am doing my best to participate in this partially-unraveled world. 

Thus the muse channeled this song back from the depths. I heeded the call and got to work. It’s tough. I don’t have a rock band, so this a cappella version will have to do. Even though I wince at the timing and pitch imperfections, it’s probably still better than I could’ve pulled off at 20. I am so much more ME now. I’m 50! 😘

Sending out an SOS to you, dear reader. I hope you get it. Remember we are all more connected than we sometimes believe. 

With love and community,


P.S. – For those of you who have been waiting for a new meditation from me, I promise you’ll hear from me soon! In the meantime, here’s one I did last week for the California Women’s Music group. It’s a 30-minute meditation and it starts about 10 minutes in. Enjoy!

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