Pawing through the cobwebs

This makes me feel so good – a new song recording with a little help from my friends. 

We may be feeling separated in more ways than one, but I am grateful for lifelines. Recently my dear friend Steven Strauss sent me a uke/bass track for a song that we had performed last year on Movie Songs Night. He asked if I would record a vocal. Yes!

Eve and Steven sing movie songs

This was just the excuse I needed to pull out my dusty recording gear, buried deep in the closet since our move from west to east. A fear of ever-changing technology and a dampening of spirit have stifled my recording pursuits lately.

Dismayed to discover that my ancient gear (from Berklee College of Music days) no longer worked, I called another dear friend – producer Daniel Dennis – who provided me with spot-on upgrade advice. Now I’m back in business, baby!

Here’s a first mix of the song, Picnic, from the 1955 movie of the same name. Steven’s solo has me doing happy dance. 😊

Click play to hear Eve sing Picnic with Steven Strauss on ukulele and bass.