The Riches of Life

painting by audience member

It’s been over a month since the grand finale concert with the art, but vivid images from that night keep swirling in my head: The crisp, cool evening in Boston. The warmth of the audience. The amazing sound and lighting at David Friend Recital Hall on the Berklee College of Music campus. My view from the stage – knowing it would be the last time I would see those 13 paintings together in the same room.

The memories are all so rich. The life of an artist can often seem the opposite of “rich,” but I can tell you that the rewards of this music/art collaboration go far beyond monetary. That said, I’m thrilled to report that all the paintings sold at Berklee and we were able to raise nearly $6,000 for the charity, PeaceTones.

Luckily, the Berklee show was captured on video. For the first (and only) time, I have all 13 songs and images of the paintings represented on film in brilliant, vivid color.  If you missed the show – or want to relive it – you can catch the highlights of that amazing night here or watch full songs on my YouTube channel.

In addition to all the traveling shows, Peace or Drama, A Journey Through Music and Art received national attention through several radio interviews and magazine articles. I’m excited to share the latest: featured guest on Art of the Song radio program and a full-page article called “The Art of the Road” written by yours truly in Berklee Today magazine.

Click here to hear the full radio show.



Click here to read the magazine article.



I am so grateful to have done 28 shows with the art – those paintings are now like old friends and I’m glad they all found happy homes. I learned so much from each artist, as well as from all the supporters I encountered along this journey. Thank you for making my life richer!