What’s Eve Doing Now?

All the layers of me, like rings on a tree

Glamour shot from 1986, posted with the caption, “What’s Eve Doing Now?” – an inside joke from my teenage years when my friends and I would come up with titles for my future rock star albums. I’ve always known I wanted to share music with the world.

How to do so has been more of a puzzle lately. Artists have lost a year of livelihood just like so many others. Maybe my imaginary album title is currently “I don’t know what I’m doing now.” Not very catchy, I suppose. 😬

Yesterday I heard that one of my music friends from Nashville had passed away. Back in 2006, John and I wrote a tongue-in-cheek country duet called “I Don’t Know You Well Enough to Miss You When You’re Gone.” We both worked at the Ryman Auditorium and got to perform the song there in February 2008. The Ryman staff was like family, and I developed many wonderful friendships from that time. 

Every soul we meet makes a difference. John’s sharp wit, laughter and vivaciousness will always stay with me. I am grateful to have known him, especially at a time when I was new to Nashville and feeling vulnerable about my artistic expression. 

I Only Cry at the Movies Now by Eve Fleishman

Here’s a video of us at the Ryman Auditorium, debuting my then-new song, “I Only Cry at the Movies Now,” with John supporting on lead guitar.

There is more music on the horizon, even if I am not yet sure of its shape or form. For now, I’m happy to serve with yoga. The new online schedule is every other day, Thurs – Mon. Would love to see you. Let’s create community together.

Now teaching online every other day, Thursday through Monday

Thursday: Chair Yoga for Strength and Balance
Saturday: Seasons and Chakras Yoga Meditation
Monday: Gentle Yoga on the Mat 

All classes are offered as PAY WHAT YOU WANT
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Eve donates a portion of proceeds to charities that promote equality and healing. This month’s charity is Feeding America.

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