Up in the Air and Feeling Fine

IMG_4615A week from today I will be singing my heart out in a land where hundreds of balloons take flight. That’s right, I’m headed to New Mexico for three gigs coinciding with Balloon Fiesta, the largest hot air balloon festival in the world:

  • October 9  Art of the Song Creativity Radio  Albuquerque
  • October 10 Balloon Fiesta in Old Town  Albuquerque
  • October 10 The High Note  Santa Fe

New Mexico has been good to me lately – this is my fourth musical landing there in four years. I’m especially thankful to the Cochranes, a family of musicians who has been hosting me, supporting me, even performing with me in this “Land of Enchantment.”

Image 1Dr. Keith Cochrane, who invited me twice to perform with the San Juan College orchestra in Farmington, has retired from his music director job and moved with his family to Albuquerque. This time he is putting together a jazz trio for my shows – he will play keys and horns and his daughter (Brooklyn Cochrane) will play and sing with me as well. Did I mention they are a musical family? Props to wife/mother/player, Kristen Cochrane, who will also be helping in a myriad of ways over the weekend.

And here are two more people in New Mexico I love to love: Viv Nesbitt and John Dillon. Four years ago, they interviewed me on their Art of the Song radio program when I was traveling through on my Peace or Drama tour. Now they’ve asked me back, this time for an interview/concert in front of a live audience.

Viv and JohnViv and John support artists in so many wonderful ways, including The Standing “O” Project. If you haven’t yet joined this music lovers’ collective, what are you waiting for? Become my tip jar hero and be introduced to many more songwriters and creative types like me, over 300 featured artists to date. Thanks, John and Viv, for giving people a way to support us!

In addition to my Art of the Song show on Friday night, I somehow landed a gig singing to Balloon Fiesta tourists at Old Town Plaza on Saturday morning. Yep, that’s right. I get to lift my voice to a flying fantasia of balloons in the desert sky. Now that’s a first! Later on we’ll head north to romantic Santa Fe to perform an evening of jazz at The High Note.

IMG_4512So I am flying high, over the moon,….what other balloon puns can I unearth? Who knows what delights and mysteries await me in New Mexico this time? I’m ready for anything with the unending support of friends I hold dear, including all of you! Sending love and gratitude your way.

If you’ll be in New Mexico next week, check here for details about these shows.