Pretty Moon

Each week I will feature one song and accompanying painting from my project, Peace or Drama, A Journey Through Music And Art.

In the spotlight this week is Pretty Moon.

This song really is about a journey. It’s about finding peace with yourself no matter where you are in life. The moon is my anchor, giving me hope even when I feel lost.

Daniel Dennis, Nashville TN

“Pretty Moon, shine your light on me
Take the gloom edge off my window
For allegedly, you’re my friend
And I believe in you
Til the end of the Earth
Won’t you shine down your mirth
Into this dark and lonely place….”

(verse from Pretty Moon)

Music and lyrics by Eve Fleishman.  Image by Daniel Dennis, Nashville TN.  Read more about Pretty Moon in the exhibition book.  You can also bid on the painting, with proceeds to benefit PeaceTones.

Here’s a video from one of my recent shows:

Eve sings Pretty Moon