Accolades for Retreat

5 out of 5 Stars

The trip to Portugal was a great backdrop for beginning to travel again; however, the wonderful care you gave us cannot compare to plain old traveling. That was a trip – exemplary with attention to every detail and a wonderful joyous experience. I loved it all.

Sue B.

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Would go again! Felt glowing inside and out from day one. Cannot recommend enough – love the vibe of Eve and Tavira – giving such visual and gastronomical inspiration for the spirit and soul!

Jennifer H.

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Absolutely loved the fact that Eve went above and beyond to make us feel welcomed in Portugal. I am very type A so I love having all the information I can get ahead of time. Thankfully Eve did an amazing job telling us when to show up and where. It allowed me to set aside my anxiety and go with the flow.

Karen M.

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My favorite parts of the retreat were trips to the beach, the salt/mud bath, and morning yoga to start the day. It was a good mix of activity but you didn’t feel overly scheduled. I loved the small group size and the flexibility with the schedule. It was so nice to be with someone who really knows the town – where to eat, where to shop, what to do.

Anne F.

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It was amazing! Vacation town and old-world Europe all in one. Relaxing on a beach and awe-inspiring sights in the same day. Eve takes care of all the details and leads you around like she’s lived there her whole life.

Joe S.

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I do not do yoga regularly, but I found this yoga to be very accessible and relaxing. I enjoyed the activities and pace of events, with a good amount of down time. Portugal, of course, is beautiful and the people are so welcoming. We really enjoyed the hotel, particularly its central location that allowed us to visit Tavira on our own and wander. I definitely felt refreshed when I returned home. We had a wonderful trip and agreed that we would do it again!

Sharon B.

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